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Microbiology For All

Microbiology For All

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Instructor: Cybele Collins

Course Description

Microorganisms, the oldest and most diverse kinds of life, produce most of the oxygen in the atmosphere and are also responsible for disease and decay. They are used in biotechnology, including the manufacture of drugs, food and biofuel. Bacteria, archaea, viruses and protists exist on a scale millions of times smaller than ours, and within diverse environments, as in the microbiome, the collection of symbiotic microbes that live in and on us, and in extreme conditions of heat, salt, pressure and cold.  Our microbiome affects the health and mind, while pathogenic bacteria can penetrate our cells with tiny motors or toxins and are in an arms race with antibiotics. 

Drawing will be encouraged during an introduction to biochemistry and genetics, to understand microbial intimacy with molecules, photosynthesis, and issues with antibiotics, but experience in science and art are not required.


Unlined notebook/drawing pad and pencils

Location and Parking
The AS220 Labs is located at the Mercantile at 131 Washington Street Providence, Rhode Island on the 1st floor. The shop's entrance is located at the back of the building on Lucie Way; the shop's double doors are at the Northwest corner of the building. There is 2 hour metered on street parking available, bring your quarters. We are also located near a parking garage with entry on Washington Street, look for the big blue parking sign.

Important Class Policies
Please be as respectful of the short time you and the other participants have to learn and be as on time as possible. If you arrive more than a half an hour late we will not be able to teach you. Please plan ahead, it always takes time to find on street parking. To cancel your reservation must email at least two weeks in advance, or risk losing your payment.

Cancellation of Classes
If minimum number is not met in class enrollment, the teacher may opt to cancel class. If this is the case, we will give a full refund of class payment and first choice to enroll in future classes. We will attempt to give as much notice as possible, thank you for your understanding.

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