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Soft Plates: Monotype Studies

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Print like a painter:  ‘Soft plates’ are thin substrates like paper, plastic, and vinyl that are etched and inked to form fluid compositions.

  • Saturdays, July 13 + 20, 10-1pm

In this class, students will be introduced to the process of platemaking and monotype. The instructor will demonstrate monotype and platemaking techniques using monotype-relief plates that students make during the class. These ‘soft plates’ will be printed on the Printshop’s Takach Etching Press measuring up to 54” x 9’. Students will print on the two traditional etching and relief presses with a maximum area of 18” x 28”.

The ‘soft plates’ are thin substrates like paper, plastic, and vinyl are made into semi-durable shapes, that are capable of holding fixed details, etchings and carved lines. In this process each plate is inked and then placed so there are no fixed compositions. The plates can be stacked and rearranged to various effects quickly. Due to the nature of these plates the images they produce can have graphic qualities with clean and well defined negative space around areas of distinct color.

Students will learn proper press operation and be authorized to use the etching presses after completing this course and signing up for AS220 Industries membership.  

Instructor: Kyle b. co. is a Resident AS220 and Member of the AS220 Industries.

Supplies and Resources.

Jerry's Art-A-Rama - Any paper suitable for etching / Providence at 653 North Main Street  

Blick Art Materials - Relief inks and drawing tools / Providence at 200 Wickenden Street  

RISD Store -  Paper suitable for etching / Providence at 30 North Main Street

Utrecht Art - Printmaking tools, supplies and paper / Online

Graphic Chemical & Ink co. - Printmaking tools, supplies and paper / Online

McClain’s Printmaking Supplies - Printmaking tools, supplies and paper / Online

We recommend the following papers: Rives BFK, Canson, Somerset,

What to Bring to Class:

  • Imagery, template imagery and sketches for inspiration
  • Assorted pack of brushes
  • Steel wool
  • Paper 22x30”, 24x36"
  • Imagery to work from Illustrations (Keep it simple at first: 2 colors, avoid text.)
  • Transfer paper
  • Sketching / drawing tools
  • Sketchbook
  • Pencils
  • Scissors
  • Utility knife
  • Tool box or plastic tote to hold your supplies

Materials and Supplies We Provide:

  • Two 30" x 30” sheets of styrene
  • Newsprint
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Scribes and needles
  • Disposable Gloves
  • Black & White ink
  • Modifiers  - Mag Carb + Plate oils
  • Press
  • Blankets
  • Cotton swabs

Prerequisites: None  

Follow Up Classes:

  • Soft Plates II:  Low Relief and Collograph

Location and Parking

The AS220 Printshop is located in the Mercantile building at 131 Washington Street Providence, Rhode Island, on the 1st and 2nd floors. The shop's entrance is located at the back of the building on Lucie Way (Martha Street on GPS and computers); ring the bell by the double doors. There is 2 hour metered on-street parking available, bring your quarters. We are also located near a parking garage with entry on Washington Street, look for the big blue parking sign.

Important Class Policies

Please be respectful of the short time you and the other participants have to learn, and arrive on time. If you are more than half an hour late, we will not be able to teach you what you signed up for. Plan ahead, it always takes time to find on-street parking. 
To cancel your reservation, you must email at least two weeks in advance, or risk losing your payment.


If minimum number is not met in class enrollment, the teacher may opt to cancel class. If this is the case, we will give a full refund of class payment and first choice to enroll in future classes. We will attempt to give as much notice as possible.

Photo credits: Taryn McMahon, Dana Behl, Barbara McPhail, Cionnis

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